Giving girls the knowledge and facilities necessary for good menstrual hygiene is the key to their dignity, privacy, health, and educational achievements. Through this project adolescent girls will be educated and empowered about improved menstrual hygiene management which will help to achieve UN SDG # 3 &5: Promote Good Health & Well being & Promote Gender Equality.

Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) includes the three interlinked components of managing menstruation hygienically:

1.      Breaking the silence

This critical step towards implementing hygienic practices in rural locales consists of breaking through the taboos associated with menstruation. Positive and informative conversations can foster an understanding regarding this natural occurrence experienced by all females, prepping young women with the appropriate knowledge to manage this biological transition in a safe and healthy manner. Additionally, creating safe spaces for women and girls to host such open discussions is also essential in eradicating the fear and shame associated with menstruation.

2.     Managing menstruation hygienically and safely

This step is dedicated to securing access to adequate water, cleansing materials and private spaces for hygienically managing menstruation.

3.     Safe reuse and disposal solutions

Ensuring that environmentally-friendly mechanisms for safe reuse, collection and disposal of menstrual wastes are available.

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