Founder's Message

It was once said by Mahatma Gandhi, that “India is not to be found in its few cities, but in the 700,000 villages.” It was on this idea Khwahish Sewa Society (KHASS) was formed to improve our nation through a key focus on the rural areas of which it is comprised.

KHASS is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious and volunteer driven organization formed to empower rural youth through education, advocacy and the promotion of respect and compassion.

Recent studies show that children who grow up in safe, caring and developmentally rich environments are more likely to do well in school, pursue further education or training, have better jobs and have higher incomes. They are more likely to be physically and mentally healthy throughout their lives, become good parents, develop strong positive social relationships, and have better coping and problem solving skills. However, these safe, caring and enriching environments can only be achieved by improving classroom infrastructure, providing better educational opportunities for students, and by promoting health and wellness initiatives. These factors will ultimately contribute to improving the quality of education that is being delivered to these students in our village schools.

Khwahish also places an emphasis on promoting a “Do-It-Yourself” model in rural areas where many people often expect governments or external organizations to resolve many of their issues.

KHASS is committed to motivating and inspiring people to invest in the public education system to build a healthy and prosperous India. The increased participation of village level groups is critical in establishing effective and sustainable changes in government schools because having to pay for new facilities instills a sense of responsibility in the people and encourages them to take better care of their school property.

Giandeep Khepar


To empower rural youth through education, advocacy and the promotion of respect and compassion.


Our vision is to have rural youth in good health by providing them with necessary education, resources and materials. We dream to inspire, engage and empower adolescent girls so that they can live life of respect and dignity.





Our Executives

Ashok Chaudhary


Raj Bhatia

Vice Chairperson

Baljinder Singh

Program Director

Dharamveer Bhatia

General Secretary



Manjit Singh

Joint Secretary

Sukhjinder Kaur

Executive member

Dr Rishi Singhal


Mrs Meera Mittra


Mr Jatinder Sian


Ravinder Kumar

Public Relation Officer